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May 10, 2010

Now that the new 700 Flybarless and 700 Electric models are out, everyone is wondering what's next...well, Align announced the T-rex 550 last week. It is smaller than a 600, bigger than a 500 and has the power of a 600. It should be amazing.

April 16, 2010

All of our 3g units now have the V2 upgraded software installed.

April 15, 2010

Check out our T-rex Crash Kits.

Align announced the 700E in both flybar and flybarless versions. Neither kit includes an ESC but we can help. Call us to pre-order and get a price.

March 18, 2010

We are running a special on the T-rex 450 Pro Super Combo. Included are:

The price for this special is $536.90 and is good only as long as the current stock lasts. Call Nathan and place your order.

March 4, 2010

I just had to put this picture up here. The reflection of the canopy off the bottom of the blades is really cool. You can click on the picture for a much larger image (340k 2560x1568)


February 25, 2010

Flybarless 600 and 700 kits have arrived and are selling fast. Call us for a really good deal on one.

Feb 14, 2010

Align continues to introduce new products. The latest is a series of flybarless systems for all of their models. It comes with the head, electronics and some versions even include a set of blades. Nathan installed the system on his 600 Nitro and is flying it now. I would imagine the next things coming will be kits with integrated flybarless systems. Once again, Align puts the latest technology within the reach of the average hobbyist.

Old news

The new 450 Pro is here and it flys a lot better than the V2, due mainly to the new head design and the torque tube. This should renew the interest in the 450 size ships. We also have the new 450 Sport, which is based on the SE V2 only improved. It does NOT have the same head as the Pro.

A fix for bad frame screws. T-rex 600 and 700 yourself a favor and use our washer/bolt kits instead of the shouldered frame bolts that come with the kit. We even include a set when we sell a 700. They eliminate stuck bolts when it's time to repair.

You really need to try our new T-rex Part Finders. No more new windows opening up and an all new interface. You can buy a part with only two clicks and if you use the part finder, you get a 10% discount!

John Benario has perfected some speed up gears for the T-rex 700. So if you don't want to run ballistic headspeed but still want solid tail authority, give John an email at

Older news

T-rex 700s, 600 Nitro, 600NSP and 500 kits are in good supply. The new 250 will be here soon. T-rex 700 Here are a few pictures.

I just built a 500CF. It was a really fast build and all the parts fit perfect. Typical Align quality.  I think the size of this machine is close to perfect for anyone who flies in a slightly confined space. I don't mean your living room, I mean an acre or two. It's also a great kit for anyone who owns a small car. It will fit in anyone's trunk or front seat, which is where I carry mine. I'm using a 5S 3300 pack with a 15 tooth pinion gear. So far this model has been rock solid. I plan to devote a page to  it soon. Here's a couple tips that you might not see anywhere else.

We are making fantastic deals on T-rex kits when you buy the whole package. Don't buy a T-rex without checking with us. A phone call is best.

The 600 Nitro kits are available now Check the online store for availability.

I just finished my first T-Rex 600. So far I like it a lot. I am using 9351s and a 611 gyro. I haven't really decided how I'm going to power the receiver, but I'm leaning toward two small NiCd packs plugged directly into the receiver and monitoring it with a Voltmagic. I plan to devote a page to this machine in the near future.

We have started handling the T-rex 600 CF kit with motor and ESC as well as the T-Rex 600 Nitro kits. Parts are in stock.

The T-rex V2 will arrive around the middle of March. This is a NICE kit. It has the new 430XL motor, painted fiberglass canopy, thrust bearings in the head and a new t/r control system that is head and shoulders better than the old one. The frames are suppose to be stiffer too. Another thing that I really like are the new flybar paddles and flybar. It's just a little longer and seems to tame things down in a hover without sacrificing anything on the aerobatics. The one set of blades that come with it are really good too. I'm really looking forward to this one.

I put a Quark 33A speed controller on my SE and I really like it. The power seems to be more in tune with the throttle curve. I run it without soft start and no governor mode. Everything else is default. While this controller has many advanced functions, I didn't find it necessary to go into the advanced programming mode at all. I plan to install a 430XL motor this week. I hear it's got a lot more power. I know during our funfly Jason Krause was getting flight times of about 18 minutes when he held the headspeed to about 2000 and about 6 minutes at all out 3D. He was using the new Thunder Power 2170 3SX pack.

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