Images from the 2008 5th Annual Align Invitational Funfly in Tai Chung Taiwan

A new friend

The people in Taiwan are extremely friendly and polite.

Chris Riha singing

Chris Riha, from Houston, gets talked into trying to sing. Don't quit your day job Chris. He was one of the few people that managed to stay dry Saturday night!


We got plenty rain on Friday and Saturday, but it didn't stop anyone from flying. I hadn't seen Fredric (second from the left) in years. He once flew from Paris to Houston, where I met him in the airport parking lot, to pick up 3 Vigor CS kits. He immediately got back on the plane and flew back with 3 helicopters in a suitcase, a back pack and a plans tube.

Lucas Rivas' Tail

Lucas Rivas, from Switzerland, got a little lower than usual on one of his maneuvers. He elected to land and finish the flight later. His flying was amazing. He ended up winning the Expert class competition.

shooting at models

Jason Krause flies in front of the machine guns. Our own Jeff Green had a blast trying to shoot him out of the air. The guns look real but shoot plastic BBs.

Large beer

Not a very good photo, but you get the idea. A good time was had by all.

Mark Czebiniak

Mark Czebiniak bears an uncanny resemblance to Michael Imperioli of the Sopranos. He can fit you with a pair of concrete boots.

The field from the rear

Here's a shot of the field from the spectator area.

The field

The flying field. All flying was done to music, which made it very enjoyable.

The Boss

Alex, owner of Align. Most people just call him "Boss"

T-rex 250

Here's a shot of the new upcoming T-rex 250

airwolf body

The front of Align's factory with the new Airwolf fuselage for the T-rex 500. Very cool.


This was one of our dishes at the Friday night dinner. Actually it was very good.


Alex didn't hold anything back. He hired a squad of 24 cheerleaders that entertained throughout the weekend.

fireworksmore fireworkseven more

Saturday night was capped off with a 20 minute fireworks display. It's a real thrill to be 75 yards from where they are being shot off.

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