T-rex Part Finder

Each part finder on this site took me (Ron Lund) many hours to create. I have learned that many of you are using them just to get part numbers and then you go to some other shop to place your order. Those that do that probably don't realize a few things.

  1. We (Ron's Heliproz) reward loyal customers with big discounts on T-rex parts
  2. Loyal customers are eligible to win a good prize every month.
  3. You can learn about our Loyal Customer program by calling 800-321-9909. We can't put it in print.
  4. We use UPS and Priority Mail. We don't advertise that Priority Mail is "Two Days" because it isn't. It has no guarantee, and any online store that claims otherwise is blowing smoke up your tailpipe.
  5. Three times out of five, when a customer asks us if we'll match someone else's price, we would have to go up on our price to do it.
  6. We're here from 10am - 6pm Monday through Friday and we answer the phone. No auto attendant.

T-REX 250 [PDF]

T-REX 450SE V2 [PDF]

T-REX 450 Pro [PDF]

T-REX 500 [PDF]

T-REX600 Electric [PDF]

T-REX 600 Nitro [PDF]

T-REX 700 Nitro [PDF]

Why PDF?

If you save the PDF file to your desktop, you won't have to wait for the drawings to load. When you click on a part ONE window will open. At that point you can put the item in your basket or click on another part. Only one browser window will be open, so just leave it open.

For the PDF version you will need a PDF reader. You can get Acrobat Reader, the real deal, at http://get.adobe.com/reader/