Normally, it would go out on Monday. There are sometimes reasons that it wouldn't go out until Tuesday and there are reasons that it wouldn't go out at all.

Orders placed over the weekend are downloaded Monday morning. We start picking and boxing the orders immediately after downloading.

Problems with an order, including declined credit cards, out of stock items and other problems are suppose to be dealt with as follows:

If we don't get a reply, the order doesn't go anywhere....that's bad. We try to use a little common sense. If you ordered a list of crash parts and a hat, but we're out of hats, we'll send the parts and backorder the hat...even if we can't get through to you.

When we call and get an answering machine or a wife that doesn't want to talk about her husband's hobby, it doesn't count as a successful contact. We will follow up with an email.

I started this business because I ordered some parts back in 1990 for my Xcell 40 and 6 weeks later, still didn't have them. I had called twice and both times was lied to. I knew we could do better. If we screw up, we fix it fast. That's our policy.

What can you do to make sure your order is delivered on time?

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