Who we are

We are a few people trying to make an honest living and keep all of you happy. That's a tough job. Superman doesn't work here.

Nathan used to be my best customer. He has paid his dues. He is a 7 time IRCHA Autorotation Champion. He can fly backwards, forwards, upside down, right side up and sideways. He is now in charge of all web orders and sales. Since we re-opened as Ron's Heliproz South, he has plenty help with the phones. If you call and someone else answers, but you want to talk to Nathan, just ask them to go see if he's available. Most of the time the person who answers will be able to help you.

Karen and Nathan

Karen is our Customer Service person. She's the one that will let you know when we don't have a part you need. She's the one that will ask new customers for a picture of their identification. She is the messenger. Don't shoot the messenger. Karen shares an office with Nathan, but that isn't all they share. They've been married since 2002 and have some great kids. She flies a simulator and has been bugging me to let her build a T-Rex. One of these days, I'll let her. Just because she's a girl, don't let her fool you. She knows helicopter parts forward and backward.


Rachel and AJ are the people that ship your packages. AJ is eat up with helicopters. he has a Sceadu, a T-rex and every rotary wing thing Walmart sells. He can help you if you can't get through to Nathan or myself. He also speaks Spanish.

John and PatrickSimone

John is my oldest son. He flies a Lepton, Blade and a Pantera and an X-cell Graphite 60.. He is responsible for making sure we have the things you want. He has a lot more gray hair now than he did when he got here. I don't know if that's because of his job or his son. John knows T-rex parts inside out. Simone is John's wife and my daughter-in-law. She works part time on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Simone is from Germany. It's cool having a grandson that can speak German as well as English!


I'm Ron Lund. I've been here since 1990. I love drag racing and autorotations. I started the helicopter business. Before that I spent 8 years in the Air Force, 8 years with the FAA as an Air Traffic Controller and 10 years in the lumber business. I do all the work on the website. I love this hobby and cherish my friends. I don't like losing them, so be careful and take care of yourself.

Chris and I

Chris Nelson doesn't exactly work here, but if it wasn't for Chris, we wouldn't be here. He came to our rescue on October 13th 2007 and made it possible for me to get the business back when the owner locked us out. Chris loves helicopters, both R/C and full size. Chris owns Heliproz in Montana. He was generous enough to give me a big chunk of ownership here

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