Xcell Gas

Your model might be slightly different. These are the current plans. Bearing numbers may or may not be the same.
  • If you have bearings that start with 07, they are no longer available.
  • These plans include the new torque tube and pinion upgrade.
  • Also included are the new boom supports.

Please use the part numbers shown here when ordering.

Head head.jpg (47404 bytes)
Flybar  and Axle
head_block.jpg (27551 bytes)
Headblock and Seesaw
Washout and Swashplate


swash_washout.jpg (21240 bytes)
Washout and Swashplate
main_shaft_stack.jpg (23873 bytes)
Main Gear, Auto hub and Bearing blocks
Clutch and Engine clutch.jpg (33828 bytes)
Clutch, clutch bell and bearing block
fan.jpg (22536 bytes)
Cooling fan and shroud bracket
  engine_mount.jpg (35429 bytes)
Engine mounts and other details
clutch2.jpg (23094 bytes)
Clutch mounting and collar
  pull_start.jpg (20381 bytes)
Pull Starter
shroud.jpg (23660 bytes)
Fan shroud
Frames upper_frames1.jpg (56522 bytes)
Upper Frames, anti-rotation, elevator swingarm and bellcrank
upper_frames2.jpg (31722 bytes)
Aileron bellcranks, elevator servo mount and upper canopy stud
  frame_assmbly.jpg (47068 bytes)
Lower frames
front_transmission.jpg (32053 bytes)
Front transmission
  832.jpg (23591 bytes)
Front Pinion Upgrade
Tail tail_rotor_gearbox.jpg (61883 bytes)
Tail Rotor Gearbox
tail_control_guides.jpg (15666 bytes)
Tail Rotor Control Rod Guides
  fins.jpg (19115 bytes)
Fins and T/R gearbox mount
boom_supports.jpg (22873 bytes)
Boom Supports
  torque_tube.jpg (11000 bytes)
Torque Tube
Servo Tray radio_tray.jpg (26044 bytes)
Radio Tray
radio_tray2.jpg (39223 bytes)
Tray Braces and switch mount
  servos.jpg (46904 bytes)
Servo mounting blocks

Fuel Tank
Control Rods control_rod1.jpg (28200 bytes)
Control Rod Location
control_rod2.jpg (37739 bytes)
Control Rod suggested length
Landing Gear landing_gear.jpg (18469 bytes)
Landing Gear